Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup – The 2018 FIFA World Cup will begin on Thursday with a match between the hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Group A matches will begin at 6:00 pm at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia. Local time (1500 GMT).

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

British superstar Robbie Williams will attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup, FIFA said on its website on Monday.

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The world football governing body said that Williams will entertain the crowd at the Luzhniki Stadium before the opening of the tournament.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

32 teams will participate in the World Cup that will end on July 15.

During the tournament, 64 games will be played in the tournament, where 4 teams will compete in 8 groups.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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The World Cup will be held in 11 cities and the group stage will conclude on June 28. The leaders and runners-up advance to the round of 16.

The semifinals will be played on July 10 and 11 and the preliminary games will be held in St. Petersburg on July 14.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Host Cities For 2026 Fifa World Cup

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Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Since 1930, eight countries have hosted the FIFA World Cup 21. The first World Cup. First, the group gave the country refuge in a FIFA meeting. The choice of venue was controversial at the start of the tournament, as there was a three-week sailing trip between South America and Europe at the time.

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For example, the decision to host the first cup in Uruguay has only strengthened the confidence of the four European countries.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

The other two World Cups were held in Europe. It was decided to form a second team in 1938. The FIFA World Cup held in France caused controversy because the South American countries understood that the World Cup would be held between the two continents. Therefore, Argentina and Uruguay boycotted the competition.

In the first tournament after World War II held in Brazil in 1950, three teams withdrew due to financial problems or disagreements with the organization.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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To avoid boycotts or disputes in the future, FIFA began to switch between the United States and Europe, which was until 2002. FIFA World Cup Asia. The system has evolved so that the host country is now chosen by a vote of the FIFA Council. This is done through an efficient voting system. The decision was made almost seven years before the current tournament, but the hosts for 2022 were chosen at the same time as for 2018.

Mexico, Italy, France, Germany (West Germany until shortly after the 1990 World Cup) and Brazil have hosted the event twice. Mexico’s Estadio Azteca and Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã are the only stadiums to have hosted two FIFA World Cup finals. In 2002 alone, the FIFA World Cup had more than one host, with 2026 shared between Japan and South Korea. We have three hosts: the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Uruguay 1930, Italy 1934, Poland 1966, West Germany 1974, Argentina 1978. and France in 1998. There is a country that hosted the World Cup and won.

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While Canada, Mexico and the United States have been selected for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, this is the first time that the tournament will be held in more than one country. Mexico will be the first country to host the World Cup 3 times and the Estadio Azteca of Mexico will be the first stadium to host the World Cup 3 times if it is selected.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Before the FIFA Council voted on the venue for the first World Cup, Uruguay was chosen because of the withdrawal. The Netherlands and Hungary left and Sweden left for Italy. Italy and Spain withdrew after Uruguay, the only remaining candidates. The 1929 FIFA Council met in Barcelona, ​​Spain to approve the decision on May 18 and Uruguay was elected without a vote.

The celebration of the first FIFA World Cup coincided with the anniversary of Uruguay’s first constitution. For this reason, the main stadium built in Montevideo for the World Cup is called Estadio Ctario.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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Sweden decided to withdraw before the vote, allowing Italy, the only remaining candidate, to win the seat in 1934. The World Cup was held. This decision was approved on 14 May 1932 at the FIFA meeting in Stockholm, Sweden and Zurich, Switzerland. The Italian Football Federation took over the hosting duties in 1932. October 9

On August 13, 1936, the FIFA General Assembly held a meeting in Berlin, Germany, and no country canceled its decision as the next country. Only one vote is needed to elect France, while France received more than half of the votes in the first round.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Brazil, Argentina and Germany officially claimed 1942. The World Cup was canceled due to the outbreak of World War II. The 1950 World Cup was first organized in 1949, but it came the day after the 1946 FIFA conference. On July 26 in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg chose Brazil and the World Cup was moved to 1950.

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The decision to host the World Cup in 1954 was made in 1946. On July 26, Brazil was selected for the World Cup in 1950. The World Cup in Luxembourg. On July 27, the FIFA General Assembly voted to postpone the 5th World Cup for 3 years and hold it in 1954.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

The Swedish team defeated other countries in the FIFA tournament in Rio de Janeiro around the year 1950. The World Cup.

West Germany withdrew before the referendum held in Lisbon, Portugal in 1956. June 10, the submission of two bids remains. Chile defeated Argentina in the first round of the election.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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In 1960, Spain withdrew from the competition before voting in the World Cup held in Rome, Italy. On August 22, there was another round of voting in which Gland defeated West Germany.

The FIFA conference was held in Tokyo, Japan in 1964. In the first round of voting on October 8, Mexico defeated Argentina to win the national championship.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

Three times in 1974, 1978 and 1982. The country was chosen to host the World Cup in 1966 in London. At the FIFA meeting on July 6. Spain and West Germany were fighting each other in 1974. They also agreed to host the World Cup in 1982. Germany withdrew in 1982. A gentle system, Spain 1974 essentially guaranteed each of them a place. After winning the tournament against Argentina just two years earlier in 1970, Mexico agreed to abdicate and gave Argentina the victory in 1978.

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On June 9, 1974, the FIFA Executive Committee (or Exco) voted in Stockholm, Sweden, and approved Colombia’s proposal without objection.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

However, Colombia withdrew in 1982 for financial reasons. November 5th, less than 4 years before evt begins. The request for proposals was again issued and FIFA received international bids from three countries:

On May 20, 1983 in Zurich, Mexico won the tournament overall (excluding unopposed nations) for the first time in the history of the FIFA World Cup, by vote of the executive committee.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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But Italy and the Soviet Union withdrew before the 1984 vote. The EXCO was supposed to be held in Zurich on May 19. In addition, only one vote is needed, while Italy received more votes than the Soviet Union.

Although there were three candidates, only one vote was held. Elections were held in Zurich in 1988 (three times in a row). On July 4, the United States won the majority of the Exco members’ votes.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

This election was held in Zurich in 1992 for the fourth time in a row. Only one vote was taken for France to host Morocco on July 1.

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On May 31, 1996, Zurich held its fifth consecutive guest selection event. Japan and Korea launched joint negotiations and negotiations.

Host Cities For 2018 Fifa World Cup

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